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The Company

Founded in February 1975 in Tangerang, West Java, P.T. Angsa Daya, or IKAD, as it is more frequently called, planned initially to produce clay blocks for use as building material. After only two years, the company expanded to start manufacturing ceramic tiles, importing the latest technology and expertise from Italy, the land of elegance and enduring classical style.

Within twelve years, IKAD had increased its output tenfold and had established itself as a major exporter. It started producing not only clay bricks, ceramic tiles and glazed roof tiles but also the raw material for the glaze on the ceramic tiles, called 'frit.' In addition to these 'external' products, the company also produces an extremely popular range of stoneware coffee mugs and other tableware items.

Due to the remarkable level of demand for the company's products, IKAD divided its operation into several companies. The production of the glazed roof tiles has been taken over by Ikad Ceramics Industrial (ICI). Itasmaltindo was established to supply frit to IKAD, while IKAD Abadi supplies its clay and raw materials. In addition to these subsidiaries, IKAD Kedaung Aneka Gypsum will soon start the production of gypsum board which is a potentially highly successful new product category for the Group.

This internal diversification and specialization means that IKAD is now able to concentrate on the production of its core lines, namely ceramic floor tiles for the domestic market and coffee mugs as well as tea sets for overseas markets.